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168 million Households pay for Cable, Dish or Streaming Media in the USA!

Enjoy 1,500+ HDTV Channels  - 8000+ Movies on Demand, 900+ TV Series, 

Free PPV's and the "Best Sports Viewing Ever"!!!! ...all for only $49.95 per month. 

NUmedia Streaming Media TV is part of an industry that touches and is in demand by just about every adult in America making it the perfect MLM business to earn huge income recurring basis World Wide! 

Every population around the world demands daily, hourly and by the minute news, entertainment, sports, history, politics, gaming and much more without regards to age, race, gender or financial status. The simple fact that Cable and TV companies bring in billions in revenue yearly opens the door of financial opportunity to any industry competitor offering more value for less cost. NUmedia  multi level marketing is that competitor and it is to your advantage to embrace this business opportunity for unlimited recurring income today as a Numedia Star Promoter!

Learn how to Make Money as a NUmedia Promoter.

Numedia is the best "Recurring Income Opportunity" available today!

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Learn why:

  • There is so much Buzz about NuMedia - what makes them so different . 
  • Conclusive Proof that this is the easiest product to sell ever. 
  • Easily duplicatable recruiting program.
  • Our compensation plan is the absolute best in the industry.

NUmedia Promoters / Referrers - Business Opportunity.

Who is NUmedia?


NUmedia is successfully pioneering the streaming media industryfor your TV and home entertainment.  NUmedia Global media connects to your TV (non smart) with the use of an Amazon FireTV stick. Smart TV's, computers, tablets, notebooks and smart phones (including Apple, Mac and Iphones) access viewing with our "Web Portal Access" for your viewing experience worldwide!

NUmedia is a more convenient and cost effective way to watch HDTV and your favorite movies.  

 The NUmedia advanced platform allows for streaming content directly to your Smart TV or Android powered devices. With access to live TV, and a guide to let you see what’s airing and the ability to flip through channels, just like you would with cable, and, just like with cable you’ll still have commercial breaks. The service works worldwide, anywhere you have an internet connection with a minimum of 4 mbps speed. 

NUmedia does not spend money on advertising. It's enormous growth has come from its customers/subscriber referrals and its customer/subscriber retailers and promoters.


There is NO limit as to the amount of money you can make with NUmedia.  Your membership includes all of these benefits included with your $49.95 a month: 1.) Referral website 2.) Virtual office to track your earnings 3.) Free VISA pay card after you refer 6 members  4.) Infinity pay income plan 5.)  Training & support.

Providing a Better Quality Product at a Lower Price of only $49.95 month to month.



  • 1,500+ -  Plus Channels World Wide
  • 8000+ Movies on demand
  • 900+ TV Series
  • 900+ International Channels
  • 123 Entertainment Channels
  • 125+ Sports Channel
  • 33 Premium Channels / including HBO - Starz - Cinemax - Showtime & many more.
  • 34 Premium Kids Channels 
  • 13 National News Channels
  • FREE - Live TV PPV - (pay per views)


  • No Long Term contracts
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Termination Fees
  • No Credit Checks

Works With:

  • Any modern TV  w/HDMI
  • Notebooks / Tablets
  • PC's and MACs
  • Smart Phones Andriods / Iphones

Guarantee / FREE TRAILS:

  • 3 hour -  Free Trial 

  • Requires :
  • Internet service w/4 mbps speed
  • Amazon FireTV  or Fire Stick. (for non smart - tv's)

  • Can use on any 4 devices of choice for $49.95

Welcome to the Opportunity!


Welcome to the NUmedia opportunity, 

Who wants to offer what almost every household already uses daily?

I'm Rick Roach and I am here to provide guidance as needed to assure your success.

Your monthly $49.95 service fee includes our incredible service and back office support to become a successful Referrer or Star Promoter in our easily duplicatable income opportunity. 

There are two types of recurring income potential. The first being your individual subscriber referrals and the second being 5 levels of overrides based on the star promoter level achieved. 

1) Individual Referrer sales: Earn $10.00 per month for each subscriber for as long as that subscriber is a paid subscriber. 

6 paid subscribers = $60.00 per mo.,

50 paid subscribers = $500.00 per mo.,

100 paid subscribers = $1000.00 per mo., 700 subscribers referred = $7,000.00 per month and there is no limit to how many referrals you can bring in.

2) Star Promoters earn overrides commissions and bonuses 3 different ways.

2-1) Personal referrals of customers or personal referrals of Star Promoters. 

Earn $10, $75, $150 or $300 per sale.

2-2)  Infinity CODED Bonuses on initial promoter package sales.  

2-3)  Monthly Residual Promoter Bonuses.

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2016 Cable Deregulation opened the door of Opportunity!

NUmedia streaming media TV. NUmedia multi level marketing, NUmedia MLM

The 2016 deregulation...

...of the cable industry by the FCC allows internet providers to legally stream content. This content includes MOVIES, SPORTS and LIVE TV. This has created a new competitive service industry for the familiar and expensive cable / dish industry. 

Streaming Media

Streaming media service gives users the advantage to stream programming on TV's - Computers - Tablets - Smart Phones etc. (Think Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Sling, Flixster - all limited package providers.)

Most offering are much less expensive than the cable or dish however they too are limited in what can be streamed. again as viewing needs change or grow you find yourself adding more programming and huge additional cost.

NUmedia - The Ultimate Streaming Media Solution.

 NUmedia gives subscribers all the advantages of streaming media at "one low cost" (Just 49.95 per mo.) while offering the most comprehensive programming available - PERIOD !  

Click for a FREE TRIAL prior to becoming a Promoter.

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