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NUmedia Digital Partner
NUmedia Digital
Digital NUmedia

Offering FREE TRIALS to NUmedia streaming media TV on your Website pages.

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NUmedia is part of an industry that touches and is in demand by just about every adult in America and the Free World making it the perfect additional profit generator for any business website.

Every population demands daily, hourly and by the minute news, entertainment, sports, history, politics and much more without regards to age, race, gender or financial status. The simple fact that Cable and TV companies generate multi billions in revenue yearly opens the door of financial opportunity to any industry competitor offering more value for less cost. 

NUmedia is that competitor and it is to your advantage to embrace this offering for unlimited recurring profits as a Numedia retail digital partner. 

You need only to place Free Trial ads of your choice and design around your website with links to your personal assigned retail partner page and let us pay you recurring profits daily for as long as your paid subscriber is on the service. 

WE Provide:

  • an email campaign to convert free trial members to paid members.
  • all support as well as tech support.
  • credit your account daily with paid subscriber earnings.

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NUmedia Group LLC 

NUmedia Service Highlights

NUmedia Digital Partner
NUmedia Digital
Digital NUmedia

3500+ Native Language Channels. 1,500+ HDTV channels, 8000+ Movies on Demand, 900+ TV Series!

For use on TV's, PC's (Windows and Mac's) Tablets, Notebooks, Smart Phones. (Android and Iphone) can be use on any 4 devices. Add'l device is 9.95 per mo. (Non Smart - Televisions require Amazon FireTv Stick)

USA partial list:

 - 33 Premium Channels, HBO - STARZ - Cinemax - Showtime and more.

 - 34 Childrens Channels, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon and more.

 - 123  Entertainment Channels, Normal daily watched channels including national networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, A&E BET, and the list goes on. If you normally watch it, it is probably included? (most local stations require an HDTV antenna.) 

 - 125+  Sports Stations, including seasonal channel programming. 

 - And Many More!

 - No Long Term Contracts, Month to Month Service.

 - No Credit Checks.

 - No Activation Fee's

 - No Cancellation Fee's

For a more complete channel list click here

Earn $10.00 per paid Subscriber

Retail Digital Partners

Place Free Trial ads on your website and easily earn daily profits! 

168 million households currently pay for Cable, Dish or Streaming Media. (in USA)

Page views = Free Trials = Paid subscriptions.

Examples of monthly earnings per paid subscriber.

50 paid subscribers = $500.00

100 paid subscribers = $1,000.00

500 paid subscribers = $5,000.00

1,000 paid subscribers = $10,000.00

5,000 paidsubscribers = $50,000.00

10,000 paid subscribers = $100,000.00

50,000 paid subscribers = $500,000.00

These examples show the power in numbers of national and international subscribers. There are no maximum payments. Start adding digital profits today!

Become a NUmedia Digital Partner

Become a NUmedia Digital Partner

Enjoy Monthly Recurring Income !

Daily Withdrawls allowed.

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