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NUmedia Dish Dealers
NUmedia DishTV
NUmedia Dish

Business Needs Alternative Income Streams!

Some believe it is best to Not Keep all your eggs in one basket.

Easily convert Non sales, Non qualified buyers even Cancellations into recurring monthly income! Turn that reason for not buying into an inexpensive steaming media alternative with over 1500+ channels, 8000 VOD Movies and 900+ TV Series, the "Best Sports Viewing" ever, All Premium Channels, All Children's Channels, News Channels and 1000's of International Native Language Channels for only 49.95 per month - month to month service with no credit checks.

Regardless of why they did not buy today you could be earning recurring income with this program.

NUmedia Group LLC offers a unique opportunity to Earn Profits from your lost sales, cancels, and non qualified prospects with almost NO Effort by giving away FREE TRIALS or turn them into your customer today for only $49.95.

Earn $10.00 per month per subsciber for as long as they are a customer. 

  50 subscribers = $500 per month additional income.

100 subscribers = $1,000 per month additional income.

500 subscribers = $5,000 per month 

additional income.

No minimums or maximums requirement. Overrides levels available. (read below). 

NUmedia Service Highlights

NUmedia Dish Dealers
NUmedia DishTV
NUmedia Dish

1500+ HDTV Channels, 8000 VOD Movies, 900+ TV Series and so many more!

For use on TV's, Tablets, Notebooks, Smart Phones. (Android Based) can use on any 3 devices. Add'l device is 9.95 per mo. (Televisions require Amazon FireTv Stick)

USA partial list:

 - 33 Premium Channels, HBO - STARZ - Cinemax - Showtime and more.

 - 17 Childrens Channels, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon and more.

 - 123  Entertainment Channels, Normal daily watched channels including national networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, A&E BET, and the list goes on. If you normally watch it, it is probably included? (most local stations require an HDTV antenna.) 

 - 63  Sports Stations, "Plus" seasonal - 15, NFL, 13 - NHL, 12 - MLB, 17 - NBA. 

 - And Many More!

 - No Long Term Contracts, Month to Month Service.

 - No Credit Checks.

 - No Activation Fee's

 - No Cancellation Fee's


#1) Display a Floor, Door or Wall poster(s) ..or

Many sizes are available to fit your space needs.

NUmedia Dish Dealers
NUmedia DishTV
NUmedia Dish

#2) Use Table tents, window stickers or smaller display.

Can easily be displayed where space allows.

NUmedia Dish Dealers
NUmedia DishTV
NUmedia Dish

#3) Give Every Non Customer a "Free Trial Card"

NO Selling Needed - give them the free trial card and watch your recurring income grow. (even better - sell the program!)

Enjoy Monthly Recurring Income !

Daily Withdrawls allowed.

become a retailer

Sell NUmedia and Earn $10.00 per Subscriber or:

Become a Star Promoter and earn overrides as well.

It's your choice! 

NUmedia does not advertise its service. Their incredible growth comes from Referrals, Retailers, Star Promoters and Current Dish Dealers

Overrides - (from other Referrers / Promoters). There are 5 star promoter levels available. 

Ask for a link to the complete compensation package.

NUmedia Dish Dealers
NUmedia DishTV
NUmedia Dish

NUmedia Dish Dealers NUmedia DishTV NUmedia Dish

Dish Dealers can easily turn Non Customers into monthly income

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