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Add Recurring Income while you Drive.

This could be you!

Over the Road

How many hundreds of people do you come in contact with per week in how broad of a geographic?

Restaurants - Fuel stops -  Loads and UnLoads

Effortlessly add Hundreds even Thousands of Monthly Recurring Income for Life!

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* Entrepreneurial Delivery Driver Opportunity to Earn more per delivery!

Maximize your earnings per delivery! 

  • Complete your delivery
  • Hand them a "FREE TRIAL" CARD
  • Earn Recurring Income

Over 3500 Channels:

Does anyone you deliver to watch TV, Sports, News, Politics, Movies or Play Gaming? 

USA an International programming in native languages. 500+ USA, 200+ Latino, 200+ Canada, 200+ Indian, 170+ Arabic, 100+ Potugal, 70+ Denmark (German), 50+ BanglaDesh, 35+ Pakistan and more! 

You deliver to hundreds of people per week and they already use an overpriced competitors service.

Know anyone that thinks they pay to much for their restrictive programming packages?


Simply hand your client a "FREE TRIAL" card with their delivered item or before they exit your vehicle.  A special card offering a FREE TRIAL for the best, most inclusive, lowest priced streaming media service available today! Those that love the value of the service will buy after the free trial and you can earn hundreds even thousands of dollars per month in recurring income as long as they remain a paid user of our incredible service.

 Numedia distribution has chosen not to participate in traditional paid advertising. It's enormous growth comes from its thrilled customer / subscribers, retail and director referrals. If you choose to refer NUmedia to others you can be compensated.   

 A driver/referrer must be a paid subscriber to refer subscribers and be compensated. 

* if you are a w-2 employee you may need your employers permission to hand out your free trial cards.

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Home Entertainment is a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

 (The transition from TVizion to the  NUmedia global platform is near complete.) 

Numedia (the future of home entertainment) is part of an industry that touches and is in demand by just about every adult in America making it the perfect product to offer everyone. Our population demands daily, hourly and by the minute news, entertainment, sports, history, politics, gaming and much more without regards to age, race, gender or financial status. The simple fact that Cable and TV companies bring in billions in revenue yearly opens the door of financial opportunity to any industry competitor offering more value for less cost. NUmedia is that competitor and it is to your advantage to embrace the opportunity for unlimited recurring income today! 

Food Delivery....

Seriously - are 95%+ of your deliveries watching TV when you get there? Of coarse they are and everyone would like a better more inclusive service for less money.

OTR Drivers - How many people do you talk to in a day? Restaurants & Truck Stops - All over the country. Think any of them watch news, politics, sports or other entertainment? Share a free trial card with everyone you come in contact with and watch your income grow.

NUmedia Driver Program
Numedia Driver
Driver Program

Basic Earnings

 Earn $10.00 per month per paid subscriber.

  • 10 paid subscibers = $100.00 per month
  • 50 paid subscribers = $500.00 per month
  • 100 paid subscibers = $1,000.00 per month
  • 250 paid subscibers = $2,500.00 per month
  • 500 paid subscribers = $5,000.00 per month

Paid to unlimited amount of subscribers!

5 levels of override earnings also available

Override earning are earned based on your subscribers referring others to the service - (like a manager override - referred to as a "Promoters" in NUmedia compensation plan.)

NUmedia does not advertise

All sales are a result of subscriber referrers / promoters.

Contact Rick Roach at 612-377-8008 / 800-868-2333

For more information - Business hours.

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