Get Paid 70%

When you join as a 1 or 2 STAR Promoter, you receive Activation Vouchers worth a lot more than you’re initial payment. When you refer others to join as Members or Promoters, you actually earn up 150% more than you paid. Now here’s the best part, NuMedia will send you 70% of initial payments paid by your referrals directly to your commission account...   How Cool Is That?  



Join as a 2 STAR Promoter - $499 Receive: 2 Promoter Vouchers = $366  Plus: 6 Member Vouchers = $300 You Instantly Earn $660 Paid directly to your commission account.

Simply refer everyone to your referral site to collect 70% of the payment made by your new Members or Promoters when they use your Vouchers to join. It’s that simple! 

Now Here’s The Best Part...


This bonus is designed to give unlimited number of vouchers by simply signing up new Promoters (in your 1st 30 days) and earn 70% over and over again. You personally refer 3 or more 1, 2 or 3 STAR Directors every 2 weeks, you earn equal Voucher Bonuses... AND Get Paid 90% Over and Over Again! 

Refer 3 - STAR 1 Promoters (Get 1 Voucher) = $259 

Refer 5 - STAR 1 Directors (Get 5 Voucher) = $1,259