NUmedia Multi Level Marketing Opportunity

NUmedia MLM Opportunity
NUmedia Multi Level Marketing

Winning with NUmedia Global LLC, MLM.

 Multi level marketing is a strategy some direct-sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits' sales.

The purpose of MLM is to sell product and recruit thru duplication.

 The goal and the dream of all entrepreneurs is to be associated with a company offering the perfect balance of an exceptional financial compensation package and a quality high demand product that is wanted, accepted and used daily by the majority of the population without the need for inventory and unwanted product use.

NUmedia is the one MLM offering such a combination vastly enhancing personal sales and recruiting. 

NUmedia Multi Level Marketing Opportunity

 While researching the endless opportunity of MLM companies to devote your efforts and trust, it is to your advantage to temporarily step back from emotional enthusiasm and focus on the factors that will directly influence your ability today - to achieve your financial goals.

  1. The Product 
  2. Recruiting
  3. Compensation
  4. The Company
  5. Your Sponsor

The Product

NUmedia MLM
NUmedia Multi level Marketing
NUmedia MultiLevelMarketing
NUmedia network marketing

Give Away "Free Trials" to earn Unlimited Income. USA and WorldWide

Over 168 million homes already subscribe to Cable - Dish or Streaming Media TV. (USA) - Know anyone unhappy with cable or dish TV?

NUmedia TV now boasts over 1,500 HDTV channels, 8000+ Movies on Demand, 900 TV Series, Free PPV's and the best sports ever!!!!  for only $49.95 per month. No long term contracts, No credit checks, No activation fee, No cancellation fee. 

People are creatures of habit and the less you interrupt their daily routine the more easily they will become your new customer. With NUmedia there is no interrupting the current routine as they are "already using a service at higher cost with less programming", you will not have to SELL additional pills, vitamins, potions, lotions or cleaners that they may need yet have a natural resistance to. 


No need to focus your efforts on limited percentages of the population when most households already use an over priced service with long term contracts.

Refer the service to: Individuals as a member or as a promoter. 

Sell the service to: individuals, retailers, non profits or recruit a 

team of promoters.


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Show others this incredible opportunity of giving away free trials and recruiting Star Promoters!

The best franchises are most often those offering easily duplicatable systems. Although NUmedia is not a franchise it is one of the most duplicatable business opportunities offered worldwide today! 

All around you there are people in every walk of life seeking the "American Dream" today just like you. Wage earners, managers, sales people, business owners, entrepreneurs, single parents even couples diligently seeking an affordable opportunity like NUmedia MLM to enhance their financial position by joining our NUmedia Global LLC. streaming media and recruiting opportunity. 

As a Star Promoter in the NUmedia Multi Level Marketing program you have the ability to influence positve change in other peoples lives!

Our hourly webinars will thoroughly explain the NUmedia Streaming Media TV program for you.

NuMedia Bonus
multi level marketing
Star Promoter
2 Star Promoter

1) Earning through Referrals.

Multi level marketing
NUmedia multi level marketing
NUmedia MLM
Multi level marketing
NUmedia multi level marketing
NUmedia MLM

2) Earn Infinity "CODED" Bonuses on Promoter Package Sales!

Numedia Residual Bonus
multi level marketing
Star Promoter
2 Star Promoter

3) Monthly Residual Promoter Bonus!

multi level marketing
Star Promoter
Voucher bonus
NUmedia promoter
NUmedia star promoter

30 Day - Rookie Quick Start Voucher Bonus!

NUMedia Packages - Join and start Earning today!

Join as a Star Promoter and "Earn more than your Cost" by selling your vouchers right away!

multi level marketing
Star Promoter

The Right Product! - The Right Company! 

The Right Time!

Join  Today!

The Company

NUmedia Global LLC opportunity,
multi level marketing,
mlm, make money from home, make money

Since: April of 2018


TVizion LLC, a streaming media company in North America, announced the completion of its acquisition and sale to NuMedia Global LLC, A Nevis Limited Liability Corporation, for an undisclosed amount. This purchase of TVizion to NuMedia will better serve the needs of its growing customers and independent marketing representatives to open new global marketing and customer acquisition.


 “TVizion is one of the fastest-growing streaming media providers in North America today. This acquisition by NuMedia Global LLC allows us to quickly expand into lucrative global media markets by offering hundreds of International Channels and movies-on-demand for one low price. Our independent representative will greatly benefit from NuMedia’s global marketing experience and current presence in 12 countries," said Jim Ferras, CEO of TVizion LLC.  

NUmedia may well be the "poster child" company of a ground floor opportunity. It's easily duplicatable recruiting system allows new as well as seasoned entrepreneurial persons an outstanding income potential.  

mlm opportunity

NUmedia is truely a Ground Floor Opportunity!

NUmedia service was up and running live on its new platform on 06/29/2018 which means as of this writing we are only several months into this business opportunity.


Consider those that had the luck or insight to purchased Google, Amazon or even Apple stock in the days or months of years of going public and the immense wealth they have created since. They have been compensated beyond realistic expectations.

The same can be true when joining the right MLM company. 

1) A great product (streaming media) used and accepted by millions at cost substantially less than cable or dish surely will surely be a winner! 

2) An easily duplicatable recruiting system.

3) Minimal cost to start your business. (as low as $259.00 to become a 1 Star Promoter.)

The entertainment media market is exploding by way of the NUmedia Global LLC product. Recruiting opportunity soon to be offered internationally by our Star Promoters. Product can be sold now through our Web Portal Access.  

As history unfolds will you be participating or watching as NUmedia earns its accolades of success in MLM history?

Your Promoter / 800-868-2333

star promoter

Your most important decision....

..... is who is available to help you succeed when you "need help now"!

I'm Rick Roach - Promoter #19635, my contact hours and information are listed below. Please contact me with any questions or concerns before you join someone less capable or unwilling to assist in your success. 

  • Monday - Friday, available business hours
  • Provides a free webpage to directors (if needed).
  • Assist with marketing material / ideas
  • Assist with NUmedia navigation of websites, back office, where to find it?
  • Committed to your success!
  • Just a call away! 800-868-2333

Lets discuss which Promoter level best suits your commitment to the NUmedia MLM opportunity.

I receive numerous calls and emails weekly from great NUmedia members and directors that are lost, needing some simple direction, or even help with a website because they cannot talk to or call their upline. Consider your sponsor carefully.    

NUmedia is an "incredible opportunity" utilizing modern efficient contact methods such as chat, email and contact forms for communication for all inquiry.  

My Short Story


  • Health insurance sales 1977 to 1991. 
  • Health Insurance Agency Owner / Multi State (4) Agency, Agents & Brokers, 1991 - 2010. (HoAIA)
  • Health Insurance Agency Mgr. 2010 to present.
  • In late March of 2018, purchased TVizion 3 day free trial from Anthony Nitz page. 
  • Late April - finally hooked it up and gave it a try. (Numedia purchased TVizion, in April)
  • June 2018 - Disconnected ComCast Cable and decided to promote TVizion. 
  • June 8th TVizion ceased my service / June 29th NUmedia resumed my service. (Transition period)
  • LOVE the service / committed to spreading the NUmedia opportunity. 


NUmedia Multi Level Marketing Opportunity

Become a Star Promoter

NUmedia Global LLC. Promoter #19635

Rick Roach / 612-377-8008

8421 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 225, Golden Valley, MN 55426



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