Make Recurring Income as a NUmedia Star Promoter

NUmedia Star Promoter

Refer new subscribers or become a NUmedia Star Promoter!

For every paid subscriber that you refer you will receive $10.00 per month as long as they are paid. -OR- 

Become a Promoter and earn a total of 3 different ways to "Infinity"

1st) - Earn personal referral bonuses.

  Earn $10.00 for each new subscriber, as long as they are a paid subscriber including all of your 1 - 2  and 3 Star Promoters. 

  Earn $75.00 for each new 1 Star Promoter.

  Earn $100.00 for each new 2 Star Promoter. 

  Earn $300.00 for each new 3 Star Promoter.

2nd) - Earn Infinity "CODED" Bonuses on initial Promoter package sales.

  As a 1, 2, 3 & 4 Star CODE qualified you receive 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% of Business Volume (BV) from the first 6 Members or Customer’s sales down to infinity. These CODE TEAM bonuses are paid to first qualified Member in that TEAM leg. Example: If you’re a 2 STAR TEAM qualified, you earn 20% TEAM Bonuses on all your 2 STAR TEAM enrolled down to infinity which can generate huge TEAM Bonuses for you. 

3rd) - Monthly Residual Promoter Bonuses.

   This is a “uni-level” bonus payout includes compression payout all the way down to infinity to maximize your earnings. Therefore, any unpaid members in your organization will automatically compress down to the next paid level. ** This monthly residual income plan is purely based on the collection of $49.95 monthly services from all customers & promoters. It doe’s NOT include any up-front Promoter package payments which can add to substantial additional income.  

See how to generate Recurring Income as a NUmedia Promoter.

A NUmedia Promoter can Earn Infinity Income Recruiting other Promoters.

As a referrer you can build a substantial income offering the NUmedia free trial to others or become a promoter which allows you to duplicate your efforts with the help of your own promoter team.

Would you rather have a 100% of your efforts or a small % of many many others efforts?  

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