Easily Increase Profits

Earn More per Customer

Your business can effortlessly add $$ Hundreds even $$ Thousands of Dollars per month to your bottom line in recurring profits from your valued customers. Virtually every customer is paying a provider for home entertainment enjoyment.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Entertainment Industry

Now Offers Small Business Owners an Opportunity to Participate and Earn Unlimited Recurring Profit with almost NO Effort or Cost.

Numedia distribution has chosen not to participate in traditional paid advertising. It's enormous growth comes from its thrilled customer / subscribers, retail and director referrals. If you choose to refer NUmedia to others you can be compensated.  

#1) Become a Retailer

It's as EZ as 1, 2, 3

Become a Retailer

#2a) Display a Floor, Door or Wall poster(s)

Customers need to be able to read the message.

Many sizes are available to fit your space needs.

#2b) (and/or) Set Out Table Tents

If a restaurant put one on each table / if retail put one by the cash register or other open areas for customers to read.

#3) Give Every Customer a "Free Trial Card"

NO Selling Needed - People LOVE Entertainmet - give them the free trial card and watch your recurring income grow.

Enjoy Monthly Recurring Income !

Daily Withdrawls allowed.

become a retailer

How Big is Paid Home Entertainment?

168 Million people in the U.S. subscribe to a "Pay"- Cable, Dish or Streaming TV service.

Literally every customer participates in home entertainment. They watch Sports, News, Movies, Politics, Game Shows, Live TV even Cartoons and engage in Gamming and  they pay dearly for that privilege. 

Today you have an opportunity to offer your customers the lowest cost - most inclusive streaming media service for all their home entertainment interests and you can offer them a no risk "FREE TRIAL" Offer.

This works for any business that would like to see an increase profit margin without incurring additional advertising cost.

Multi-Billions are spent on Entertainment - Is "Your Business " claiming its share of those profits?

If your a restaurant, a retail store or even a service provider your customers already pay a provider for home media services. At check out simply give each payor a FREE TRIAL Card and watch your recurring deposits grow.

No other Cable, Dish or Streaming Media provider will allow you to share in their sales or success. This is truely an exceptional opportunity for your business to be offering and profiting before NUmedia becomes a household word. 

Any of your customers watch TV, News, Sports, Politics, Movies, Sitcoms, Game Shows, Cartoons?

Know anyone unhappy with the cost or service of Cable or Dish TV?

The home entertainment industry touches and is in demand by just about every adult in America making it the perfect service to offer your customers. 

Our population demands daily, hourly and by the minute news, entertainment, sports, history, politics, gaming and much more without regards to age, race, gender or financial status. 

The FCC deregulated the Cable industry in 2016 and the simple fact that Cable and TV companies bring in billions in revenue yearly opens the door of financial opportunity to any industry competitor offering "more value for less cost". 

Streaming media services are taking over the home entertainment market by millions of subscribers per year and one provider stands tall above the rest.

NUmedia is that provider and unlike the others offering limited packages, NUmedia is the only provider offering a full range of programming at one low price and they offer the service exclusively through subscriber / referrals and retailers. 

It is to your advantage to embrace this opportunity for unlimited recurring income today!  Numedia offers your customers over 2100 Channels - see here.

Add NUmedia for your bottom line - Its EZ to do.

  • Sign up for the service (use at home or business)
  • Add a sign in your window
  • Add table tents on your tables or placed around your store
  • "Instruct your cashier" to give every customer a "FREE TRIAL CARD" .

Watch your customers engage and go from a free trial to a paid customer with so little effort.

The cost? - Your Choice if any to be used.

  •  Only $49.95 / mo. for your NUmedia service (use at home or in your business) 

plus - your choice of:

  • $25.00 - $100.00 for a door or wall sign
  • $25.00 - $50.00 for table tents (aprox. $1.50 per tent)
  • $75.00 - $200.00  for an 87" tall floor display
  • Pennies per Free Trial Card to hand out to each customer

Increase profits per customer effortlessly and for just pennies!

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